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Dog on examine table Higher standards of surgical care.

At Sarasota Animal Medical Center we understand that whether routine or emergency, leaving your pet for surgery can be stressful for you both. You can rely on us to provide quality, compassionate care throughout your pet’s entire stay.

Surgical care for dogs and cats.

Before Surgery

Your pet will be examined and anesthetics will be customized based on his or her breed, age, and health status. Pre-anesthesia blood tests will also be performed to confirm that your companion’s organs are functioning properly and that he or she is a good candidate for sedation.

During Surgery

During surgery, we have highly trained staff members devoted to monitoring your pet’s vital signs. Their main priority is keeping track of your pet’s blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, respiration and body temperature, as well as maintaining proper oxygen levels. Our heated surgery table keeps your pet comfortable during the procedure. Our doctors are excellent veterinary surgeons with many years of experience in performing a wide variety of routine and non-routine procedures.

After Surgery

As soon as your pet is awake, we will let you know how they are doing. We will provide pain management for them while hospitalized. If necessary, our pain management plan may include at-home pain medication to keep your loved one as comfortable as possible post-surgery. Prior to leaving with your pet, our staff will provide you with home care instructions and answer any questions you may have.

Our Surgical Procedures

Our animal hospital provides the following surgical procedures for small animals:

  • General Surgery: Soft Tissue surgery is associated with the skin and organs. Soft tissue surgery includes tumor removal, cystotomy, foreign body removal, splenectomy, ovariohysterectomy (spay), and castration.
  • Dental Surgery: We perform advanced oral surgery and oral tumor removal.
  • Emergency Surgery: Typical emergency surgeries we perform include wound and laceration repair, gastrotomy, enterotomy, and splenectomy.

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